Smile Newsletter: Sometimes It’s The Small Things
Jun 27, 2011
Harvest of kindness — of kindredness — is winnowed down to a precious few grains. For at the center of all spiritual traditions is the beacon of a truly radical proposal: Open your heart to everybody. Everybody.–Marc Barasach
Idea of the Week
138.jpgCollection of ideas from Smile Groups this week … “This lady was walking through my neighborhood on such an extremely hot day, realizing there are no bus stops within 5 miles, I made a u-turn and gave her a ride to her destination.” “A man held the door for me at a local coffee shop, he was so perky,I bought him a cup of tea.” “Forwarded a letter that had gone astray and paid the extra postage!” “Emptied the house — books, DVDs, etc. Advertised to come and take what you want and leave a donation in the bucket for a local charity.” “I heard of a competition that I knew I would definitely get a prize so I entered and put down a friends name and address so that they will get the prize. And it’s chocolate!” “Encouraged a guy to come out of his love failure. :)” “I picked lemons from my moms lemon tree and gave them away .. someone going to have delicious fresh lemonade for fathers day!” “Took a senior citizen grocery shopping; she was not feeling well enough to drive herself.” “Last night I helped some foreigners exchange some money into my country’s currency and then my sister and I led them to a hotel. They were lost and didn’t speak the language.” “Lending out a very expensive canopy to someone in need.” “I replaced a drummer in a band that needed one! :)” “Put a dollar inside a book I returned to the library … for either the library people or the next reader to find.”

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Stories of the Week
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Homeless Man Who Wouldn’t Shoot >>
The Excitement of ‘Pay It Forward’ >>
A Letter to My High School Teacher >>
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Comment of the Week
I am a mother of five sons, all grown now. But I remember a day when there were 4 little ones, the youngest being only a couple month. That day, we loaded up the boys in the car and went to the park. My husband took the 3 older boys to go runninig around the park, as sat by the car with the baby. As I looked around, I saw a homeless man sittig on the park bench, when few older boys came up with their bikes and rode in a circle around the man. I couldn’tt hear what was said but one boy rode away with a empty water bottle, filled it up with water and came back to give it to the man. All the boys of different ethnicities sat at the same table; the grill nearby was still warm from an early picnic. Just then, the homeless man went to his cart, came back with a fast food bag with some small hamburgers, and gave each boy a burger that they all warmed them up on the grill and shared a meal together. As I sat there watching, I was so moved and thought, “What a beautiful world.” That was 25 years ago. Our world today is not the same and needs our help now! Let’s reach out to one another. –Mama5
What is a “smile card”? It’s a game of kindness — do something nice for someone and leave a card behind asking them to pay it forward. To date, 943,096 cards have been shipped without any charge.

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