A Remarkable Refuge for Birds

Forgive us our trespasses, little creatures everywhere. — James Stephens

Good News of the Day:
They call him the Bird man of Long Beach. “It all started with one little one-legged guy I named Buddy,” ex-marine Dan Lubniewski said. Dan saw the little bird hobbling along, and felt sorry for him. He started feeding him and wound up taking him home for rehab. Apparently, someone had been tying pigeons’ feet together. “They were all tied up the same way, with the same strength,” Dan said. “I didn’t know what I was doing any more than you would have. I had about 40 tools with me them, and no antibiotics. I worked with each one for several hours.” That was the start of Dan’s tireless calling. He has since treated thousands of wounded birds, sometimes even working with Animal Control. “I think I was never happier because of all the lives I’m saving,” Dan said. “It is so rewarding.” http://www.dailygood.org/more.php?n=4665

Be The Change:
If you feel moved by his dedication, write Dan a note of appreciation. http://www.dailygood.org/more.php?n=4665a

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