Living Plastic Free

One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice. — Mary Oliver

Good News of the Day:
Three years ago, Beth Terry, like many other Americans chose double plastic bags, threw the plastic bottles in the trash and ate frozen dinners — generating about 100 lbs of plastic waste a year. But after seeing a photo of the sea being filled with plastic products, she resolved to live a plastic free life. From January to November 2010, she generated less than 2 pounds of plastic waste. And she went further. Beth discovered that Clorox’s US Brita water filters are recycled in Europe. 7 months, 16,000 signatures and 600 filters later, Beth successfully petitioned Clorox. Beth asks, “What difference can one person make?” Most of all, one person who reduces their plastic waste is motivated to drive for systemic change. As Beth states in this TEDx video, “We have the power to change the menu that’s offered to us.”

Be The Change:
Apply these 5 strategies for reducing plastic’s environmental impact, and check out the 7 misconceptions about plastic recycling.

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