Kind Kids

Kindness to children, love for children, goodness to children — these are the only investments that never fail. — Henry David Thoreau

Good News of the Day:
Every parent wants to raise a kind, helpful child. But how? A recent study in Germany suggests that it might be easier than we think. According to the study’s authors, humans have a strong predisposition toward altruism, evident from the time they’re toddlers. The researchers found that it was surprisingly simple to motivate young kids to act on their altruistic instincts. When toddlers were subtly exposed to a simple background image of dolls facing each other, they became three times more likely to help someone in need. This article from Greater Good magazine explains further, offering grounds for optimism to anyone encouraging kids to be kind.

Be The Change:
Model kindness and connection around kids — and see how subtle cues can make a big impact.

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