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There is an Indian saying: if you are struck by a poisonous arrow, it is important first to pull it out, there is no time to ask who shot it, what sort of poison it is and so on. First handle the immediate problem, and later we can investigate. Similarly, when we encounter human suffering, it is important to respond with compassion rather than question the politics of those we help. Instead of asking whether their country is enemy or friend, we must think, “These are human beings, they are suffering, and they have a right to happiness equal to our own.”

Our attitude towards suffering is very important because it can affect how we cope with it when it arises. Our usual attitude consists of an intense aversion and intolerance of our own pain and suffering. However, if we can transform our attitude, adopt an attitude that allows us greater tolerance of it, this can do much to help counteract feelings of mental unhappiness, dissatisfaction and discontent. (p.92)

–from The Pocket Dalai Lama by the Dalai Lama, compiled and edited by Mary Craig

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