Smile Newsletter: Bridges, Second Chance, PickPocket
Aug 28, 2011
I would define “good” as the daily pursuit of making the world ever so slightly better than you found it.” –Chris Baker
Idea of the Week
140.jpg“This morning, as I got dressed for work, I chose one of my favorite necklaces. I do not wear it often because I want to hold onto it for a long time. When I got to work, I was walking though a doorway and a woman stopped me and said, ‘I love your necklace.’Â I stopped walking to talk to her for a few minutes as she admired it and told me how great it looked on me. I recalled the many mornings that she has spoken to me with a smile and then remembered something that my mom taught me. ‘You only give to others things that you would want to have.’Â As this thought ran through my mind, I unfastened the necklace from around my neck and told her she could have it. As I walked off I told her that a blessing given is a blessing received.” — hasifa

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Stories of the Week
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The Bridge We Were Meant To Cross >>
My Second Chance To Be a Parent >>
Pickpockets Put Back a Little Cash >>
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Comment of the Week
“I went to the mall on my lunch hour from work, and wrapped a smile card with a five dollar bill and left it on a pole in the middle of the mall. After some time, two ladies walked by and one of them took the money rather quickly, and then I saw her and her friend read the smile card and then turn it over and read the back. Then I saw a big smile on her face and she looked up to heaven and I think she said thank you. Wow. What a wonderful feeling to see the smile on her face! I realized that there is no better way to make your day than to make someone smile, and it is even better when you do it annonomously. Thank you for this website. I sure am having fun with those smile cards. God bless you.” — Happy7
What is a “smile card”? It’s a game of kindness — do something nice for someone and leave a card behind asking them to pay it forward. To date, 958,228 cards have been shipped without any charge.

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