An Accidental Activist

We never know which of us will start the chain reaction. But one of us will. — Colin Beavan

Inspiration of the Day:
“So many of us have good ideas for helping the world. But we tuck our ideas away. I did. I’d tell myself that if the idea were any good someone else would have already done it. That I’m not capable of making a difference. I’d sit on my ideas, get on with my ‘life,’ and then feel angry at the world because the problems I cared about didn’t get solved. I had that fear of going first. Then I took my first hapless step into what I call accidental activism. In 2006, I started a project where I lived as environmentally as possible for a year — with my little family, on the ninth floor of an apartment building in the middle of New York City — to attract attention to the world’s environmental, economic, and quality of life crises. I had no experience as an activist. Yet suddenly my project caught fire.”

Be The Change:
Take one small step towards one of your ideas for serving the world.

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