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It is necessary to alternate stabilising meditation and analytical meditation…by merely cultivating non-conceptuality and non-analysis it is impossible to enter into the yoga of signlessness.

Even after emptiness has been realised, powerful and repeated analysis is needed. Merely to set one’s mind on the meaning of emptiness is the mode of cultivating calm abiding observing emptiness; in order to cultivate special insight it is necessary to analyse again and again. These two modes of meditation–stabilising and analytical–are alternated until analysis itself induces even greater stablisation, at which point stabilisation and wisdom are of equal strength, this being a union of calm abiding and special insight.

In Performance as well as in Action Tantra the meditative stabilisation which is a union of calm abiding and special insight is used to gain feats for the sake of aiding sentient beings and accumulating merit quickly. (p.42)

–from Deity Yoga in Action and Performance Tantra by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tsong-ka-pa, and Jeffrey Hopkins, published by Snow Lion Publications

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