How To Build A Beautiful Company

In a painting you create beauty with the addition of each brush stroke. In a company you create it with the addition of each talented, engaged person and with each thoughtful act. — Bill Witherspoon

Good News of the Day:
In the early 1970s, Bill Witherspoon lived for months in a school bus parked in the Oregon desert. A hundred miles from the nearest town, he spent day after day painting the sky and the clouds. He later sold his work for tidy sums. Witherspoon would spend the rest of his life alternating between painting and launching companies. When Witherspoon, then 60, launched The Sky Factory in 2002, he wondered, Was it possible to create a company as beautiful as a work of art? A beautiful company, in Witherspoon’s mind, starts with the elimination of hierarchies that impede and repress the expression of people’s natural curiosity and creativity. The Sky Factory’s organizational structure is as flat as its creator’s beloved desert. There are no employees, just owners, and everyone cares deeply about doing what is best for the group.

Be The Change:
Do something today that adds beauty to your workplace.

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