Smile Newsletter: How a Bookstore Changed a Life, An Amazing Friendship, and The Power of Being Kind
Sep 18, 2011
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature.” — Helen Keller
Idea of the Week
142.jpg“We are where we are, those of us who haven’t the means to alter our location. But here where our lives can either flower or fade or vibrate with negativity, the gods offer us a different kind of possibility: To live positively, to love passionately within the limitations of our circumstances, within the compass of the life we have been given. We are invited to select our inner landscape, whether it be a garden or a slum dwelling. We can choose (or refuse) to give up the myriad complaints and negative reactions that may seem roundly justified by our circumstances and which can fill our daily hours to bursting. As G. I. Gurdjieff suggested, we can sacrifice the suffering with which we continually confront our limitations, in order to live richly and fully the life that is bequeathed to us. Anyone who finds the path that such a sacrifice calls for is indeed blessed by a flowering. Conduct your blooming with the noise and whip of the whirlwind…a conscious choice.” — Patty De Losa

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Stories of the Week
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Immeasurable Generosity from a Friend >>
The Power Of Being Kind >>
How A Bookstore Can Change Your Life >>
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Comment of the Week
“In that moment I understood the value of helping and supporting each other in a different way. It didn’t really matter what goal we had all together, but the respect and love and joy we shared with each other created an experience and memory that stayeed forever. It can not be destroyed by negative feelings. No, even better, it can wipe out bad moods and give support.

You know, when I was in India I met a wise man who said: “If you meet a person who is really starving for food and with an open heart you give it to him, the thanks that comes back from that starving person to you is an unbelievable blessing to your soul. These blessings are the only things you can take with you once you leave your body.

In a little different way I experienced and I understood his words now. There is more to helping each other, it’s not just a good act. You create an Island within your consciousness that can’t be attacked by negative feelings, because it is created by the Love you gave and the Love you received. These feelings that come back reflecting to you is the power that can help you on your way in this crazy world. This is were we grow.” — Maik

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