Food Abundance from Food Waste

Abundance doesn’t follow giving until giving becomes its own reward. — Jan Denise

Good News of the Day:
Every week they provide food for as many as 1,500 households in Marin County (CA). They don’t charge for the food. Nor do they get paid themselves. Who are these people and why do they do this? They are two community elders, Ruth Schwartz and her husband Curt Kinkead, supported by a team of about 100 volunteers. They do it because Curt “gets fed by the joy he sees in the people who come to collect the food he delivers.” Ruth adds, “If we [Ruth and Curt] do something together where we face out into the world and make a contribution, that is a key piece of having our relationship thrive.” Respecting Our Elders started in 2005 when Curt and Ruth, residents of a subsidized housing development, noticed that some of their neighbors weren’t getting enough to eat.

Be The Change:
Write Ruth and Curt a note of gratitude and support.

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