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There are many different forms of bodywork that can purify and heal in the context of preparing for tantric practice. Trauma held in the body from early experiences is cleared only when we are able to work therapeutically in the body. Whether it is body-centered therapy or the various practices of acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy, and so on, if the practice releases and transforms trauma, then it is beneficial as a preliminary to any further tantric practice. I often suggest to people I teach that they follow some form of body-energy healing in order to further their release of trauma. Also, after trauma has been released, it is often extremely useful to then explore some form of psychotherapy.

We should not assume that the traditional practices will do it all for us. It is simply idealistic and naive to think that all our ills can be resolved by doing the traditional preliminary practices or, indeed, by classical “dharma practice” alone. We should consider a healthy body-mind-life relationship as a necessary part of our practice. When we get this balance right, we create the basis for a sound dharma practice.

The practice of tantra in particular needs this healthy, balanced basis because when we work with tantric practices, we stimulate processes in the body that are often very powerful. If we have a sound base for practice and have a level of emotional and energetic maturity, then the effects of tantra can be held and grounded without creating the potential for problems to arise. Without a sound relationship to the body, the practice of tantra has no real base from which to unfold.(p.53)

–from Preparing for Tantra: Creating the Psychological Ground for Practice by Rob Preece, published by Snow Lion Publications

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