To Affect the Quality of the Day

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts. — Henry David Thoreau

Inspiration of the Day:
“Either way, there I am with recently-turned-eight year old Neha under the Coral Jasmine tree; I reach over and shake the trunk gently and she tilts her head up and watches the white sudden swirl of blossoms falling like stars, like snowflakes with an expression of perfectly mingled awe and delight (my day is Made in that moment). And then we both bend to the sweetly-scented task at hand. I find myself wondering with a faint twinge of apprehension and amusement — what Neha is going to say — I don’t want the conversation to wander from this magical to the mundane just yet — and in some admittedly silly way I want to ‘protect’ the sacredness of this space from small-talk. ‘Do you like Mother Teresa?’ Neha’s question asked between blossom-picking is matter-of-fact and sans preamble. ‘Yes’ I answer — somewhat startled — and intrigued by her choice of conversation threads.” A beautifully-told everyday story about tuning in to small moments of wonder, joy and connection.

Be The Change:
Affect the quality of your day — invite wonder, joy, and connection into moments today.

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