National Treasures: Wild Horses, Wild Kids

Kindness and compassion toward all living things is the mark of a civilized society. — Cesar Chavez

Good News of the Day:
Jean Albert Renaud sleeps in a barn. His bedroom shares a wall with the stall of a stallion named Incitatus. On winter nights, he can hear the wind whistling across the hills, but Renaud (or Jar, as he is known) is warm in the company of his eight horses. He sleeps there because he wants to. Jar’s life has never been conventional, but today it is focused on his noblest effort yet — preserving and nourishing what he calls America’s two most precious and least appreciated treasures: the wild Mustang and our marginalized children. “We treat children like we treat the wild horses,” Jar says. “We rarely take the time to look at the world from their viewpoints. So many of them know and survive the streets without us. They are like wild horses. So, like the horses, how do you approach these ‘wild’ kids?”

Be The Change:
Is there someone or some group you hold assumptions about? Make an effort to see the world from their viewpoint.

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