The Art of Seeing

When you talk about seeing what is real, to me, there is an invisible reality behind the visible reality. What I think it’s supposed to look like, I have to let go of, in order to see what it is. — Jane Rosen

~~~~ Good News of the Day: Something happened to successful artist Jane Rosen when she came to California — something that changed the trajectory of her work. “The exposure to the beauty of the place — the coast, the hills, the redwoods — made a deep impression. One day, as she stepped out of her house, she looked up and saw a red-tailed hawk soaring above her. “As I stood looking up at the hawk, in a voice as clear as day, I heard these words: ‘Tell my story’.” Rosen’s drawings and sculptures are born from the perennial questions: What can nature show us? And what is seeing? Her work shows us something about that. I met the artist at her studio and ranch in San Gregorio, California to talk specifically about seeing.” Richard Whittaker dialogues with Rosen in this Parabola Magazine article.

~~~~ Be The Change: Experiment today with the art of seeing: try nudging your experience beyond the immediate, visible reality.

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