Time is Precious: Dr. BJ Miller’s Journey

Every man dies – not every man really lives. — William Wallace

~~~~ Inspiration of the Day: Dr. BJ Miller is only 40 but he thinks about death a lot. He is the new executive director of the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco and a palliative care specialist at UCSF Medical Center. He is also a triple amputee, co-founder of a tea company, owner of a farm in Utah and a newlywed who still looks like the Ivy Leaguer he once was. “I have no fear of death,” Miller said. “I have a fear of not living my life fully before I die.” On Nov. 27, 1990, he came close to dying. As a result of Miller’s encounter with 11,000 volts of electricity, his left arm was amputated below the elbow and his legs below the knees. He still has flashbacks to the explosion and remembers the difficulties of fitting his nearly 6-foot-5 frame into a helicopter bound for a burn unit. When it was time to find a calling, Miller chose medicine because he could use his experiences to connect with people and he felt an affinity for anyone going through an illness.

~~~~ Be The Change: Read the inspiring last words published by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, the thanatologist who helped bring the hospice movement to the U.S. http://premiere.whatcounts.com/t?ctl=1699917:C3009629A010612CAA47F2103D6B93B2B4B847859706E37D&

**Share A Reflection** http://premiere.whatcounts.com/t?ctl=1699918:C3009629A010612CAA47F2103D6B93B2B4B847859706E37D&

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