Becoming a Presence Activist

The dream was always running ahead of one. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was a miracle. — Anais Nin

~~~~ Inspiration of the Day: “A friend of mine is visiting from out of town and staying in East Oakland, in an area that’s infamous for its gang violence and unrest. This friend happens to be a monk. He shaves his head and dresses in the traditional brown robes of his monastic order — not the kind of person who blends easily into the background. Having spent many years making compassion a conscious practice, his response to situations is to try to do his bit to spread goodness. So he went out for a walk, just to engage with the community. As he was walking up 35th Avenue, a couple of tough-looking street youth yelled out to him: ‘Hey man!’ He turned around, looked at them and said, ‘Yes?’ ‘Are you a Buddhist monk?’ ‘Yes, I am.’ ‘You look hella peaceful, man!'” A poignant reflection on what it means to become a ‘presence activist.’

~~~~ Be The Change: Give the gift of presence: shine extra care and attention onto all your interactions today.

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