7 Ways Sharing Can Make You Happy

The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have. — Leonard Nemoy

~~~~ Tip of the Day: One silver lining in dark economic times is that as people learn to make do with less, they are discovering the many benefits of sharing. New psychological research suggests that sharing fosters trust and cooperation in the community and contributes to personal well-being. Researchers are finding that sharing impacts people in the very specific ways that are closely linked to increased happiness. These include effects such as improved physical health, increased levels of trust, causes for gratitude, opportunities for cooperation, and more. Here are 7 ways sharing can make you happy. http://premiere.whatcounts.com/t?ctl=1699E08:C3009629A010612CBBFC4F71B67A656DB4B847859706E37D&

~~~~ Be The Change: Reflect on a recent time someone shared something with you. Let them know about the impact of their generosity.

**Share A Reflection** http://premiere.whatcounts.com/t?ctl=1699E09:C3009629A010612CBBFC4F71B67A656DB4B847859706E37D&

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