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A Pay It Forward Revolution at School October 22, 2011 – Posted by flowerpower
As a part of my Pay it Foward project revolution, I’m starting the 29 day giving challenge…again! I’ve done this in the summer, but this time is different because I’m also doing it with some friends from school and some friends here at HelpOthers 😉

Today, as my first gift, I believe I have given the gift of encouragement and cheer. Looking back , when I had first done this challenge, normally I would think, " What kind of gift is that?" Looking back at that experience now, I realize that these simple gestures mean a lot more then one thinks they do 🙂

Today, some of my friends were a bit gloomy, perhaps because of the weather, some because their schedules got changed (it’s a new term for us now at school). There was this one frind from school that had recently gone through a break-up that I didnt know of, so I tried cheering them all up as best as I could 🙂 I always try to emphasise what I’m telling them too with lots of hearts and smiley emoticons 😉 I actually stayed home sick, but I was happy to have helped some of my friends out ❤

It’s amazing, and I think some of you can relate, how giving others a bit of joy, increases your own happiness. This is why I do what I do! I always try to be cheerful for others ’cause not only does it brighten other people’s days, but for me, it gives me a sense of inner peace that I can’t get enough of 🙂

I also want to thank all the people here at HelpOthers, every single one of you, for contributing the kindness that you put into the world everyday. Any small or big kind act is beautiful, and it really does help pay the beautiful chain of kindness, foward 🙂

Thank you everyone! More updates on my challenge to come!

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