Giving Back Where He Belongs

Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition. — James Baldwin

~~~~ Good News of the Day: When most people think of the American dream, they imagine all this country has to offer them. But for 40-year-old Hamid Chaudhry, a Pakistani immigrant and owner of a Dairy Queen in Reading, Pa., that dream isn’t just for the taking. “I’m part of the society,” Chaudhry tells CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman. “And when you belong somewhere, you have to give back.” A few years ago, after becoming a U.S. citizen, Chaudhry moved to Reading with his wife, a doctor. They have two children. For most people, that would be enough responsibility. But Chaudhry wanted more. He began by offering his services to Cumru Elementary school principal James Watts. Chaudhry offered to host the school fundraisers. He eventually began fundraising for other organizations as well: Soccer teams and Crime Stoppers. All told, Hamid has said “yes” to more than 100 community organizations.

~~~~ Be The Change: Bloom where you are planted.

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