Reflections from a Five Day Walk

Not all who wander are lost. — J. R. R. Tolkien

~~~~ Good News of the Day: “I recently walked about 60 miles over 5 days, from Oakland to Santa Clara. This certainly isn’t anything unique. In a way, I was imitating many inspirations that came before, and probably many iterations will come after. Still, ‘we love to make music of this puzzle’ of our artful work of life. For me, the walk was many things. It was an expression of wandering. It was a pilgrimage […] It was a change of pace, a physical challenge and a mental exercise. And most of all it was simply — a walk. There was no explicit goal other than to put one foot in front of another, and I held a simple, fundamental intention to s l o w d o w n. And once I slowed down, then to listen. And if I listened well enough, then perhaps I could discern how to serve. Here’s what I learned from those intentions.” A pilgrim shares his reflections.

~~~~ Be The Change: The five day walk was a way of celebrating a birthday; on your next birthday, give yourself a gift that also serves others.

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