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All beings suffer in the same way as we do, and some are even more deeply immersed in sorrow. Yet all of these beings wish to experience only happiness and to avoid all suffering, frustration, and pain. They wish lasting happiness but do not know how to cultivate its causes, and they wish to avoid misery but automatically collect only causes of further misery. As Shantideva said, “Although seeking happiness, they destroy their own causes of happiness as they would an enemy. And although seeking to avoid misery, they treat its causes as they would a close friend.”

Were the countless sentient beings unrelated to us, or were they not to mind their sufferings, perhaps there would be no need for us to bother with their welfare. In reality, however, all are related to us and not one of them wishes to suffer. Over the billions of lifetimes that we have experienced since beginningless time, we have known all the living beings again and again. Sometimes they have been parents to us, sometimes friends or mates, sometimes enemies. Without exception, each of them has been even a mother to us again and again, performing all the kindnesses of a mother. How can we be indifferent to them?

Wishing them to have only happiness and its causes and to be free of suffering and its causes, we ourselves should generate a sense of responsibility for their well-being. Finally, as only an omniscient Enlightened One is effectively able to benefit beings in deep, lasting, and ultimate ways, we must quickly attain enlightenment. This is the wishing bodhimind, the inner basis of Mahayana practice.(p.136)

–from The Path to Enlightenment by H.H. the Dalai Lama, edited and translated by Glenn H. Mullin, published by Snow Lion Publications

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