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Running To The Record Shop November 15, 2011 – Posted by RMB333
Many years ago I was on vacation in Tilehurst, a beautiful little village in Reading, in the U.K.

I was with my sister and her family and it was my first trip to the West. Having been born and brought up in the East I had to get used to the English accent which sounded quite diferent to ‘our’ way of speaking.

I enjoyed walking in and around Tilehurst. It was a typical English village; elderly ladies walking out with lovely hats, their husband with their walking sticks, reminding me of the English films we had watched as kids back home.

In Tilehurst the main mode of public transport was a single little "Shuttle" bus which ran from Tilehurst to Reading. There was no need for more as every family owned either one or two vehicles. Being October the Autumn weather was lovely and comortable which encouraged me to go out. I would help all these plump old ladies (I was in my early 20s then) to get into the coach then I would carry on walking down the road.

A good distance down the road stood a row of little shops (there were NO super markets in Tilehurst then.) It was such a peaceful and a clean environment! I enjoyed every minute living of being there.

Even with my Eastern accent I managed to get shopping done. My sister and family would take me to Reading town on Saturdays or, at end of the month, to London!

Time passed and Christmas was round the corner. Every shop had their Christmas Sales on. I walked to the row of small shops and read a sign that said "Old Records at Half Price While Stocks Last!" Though I was not old then I prefered old songs to new!

For the Easterner the dark and chilly evenings felt just wonderful! But, back home we were never permitted to go out alone in the dark and it was getting late. Having bought a dozen "Golden Oldies" at half price and half a dozen new songs, a total of 18 records, I started on my return journey.

I was rushing, but even as I hurried I realised that the elderly lady in the record shop had miscalculated! In utter confusion I got home in the dark. Seated on my bed I started adding up my purchases. I was right and she was wrong!

I wanted to run back immediately before it was too late! I couldn’t ask my sister (who had two kids on her hands) to drive me down. Her husband was at work later than normal so he couldn’t take me! I had no option. I left the house and ran for the record shop. I have never run so fast, ever!

As I was taking the last turn, a few yards away, I could see the shop door closing! But I didn’t stop. I could see the lady through the glass.

She came to the door and pointed to the "CLOSED" sign, but I would not move till she opened the door. She grumbled that it was getting late as she opened the door and I could tell she was very annoyed!

I placed all the records, the balance and the receipt on her table and showed her my arithmetic. She put her hands in the air and was about to say something in a loud voice when her eyes caught the correct balance written on my paper. She read it aloud – then run around the counter to me with open arms. She hugged me and said "Oh, thank you for being so honest! You are an angel!" There were tears rolling down her cheeks!

After few minutes she explained that if I hadn’t returned the difference that evening the owner would have deducted that sum from her wages the next day!

I returned home carrying not only the records but a very light heart. It didn’t bother me in the slightest that it was dark and chilly!

My mind flashed back to my childhood days when my parents always said – (1) Never cheat. and (2) Never postpone what has to be done. Do it now!!

I was in the seventh heaven knowing that elederly lady would have her complete salary and she too would sleep well! Now I am an elderly lady and when I walk down my memory lane to Tilehurst peace and contentment just fill my heart!

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