Multivariate Bridges and Metaphysical Mangoes

How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside me, what can it be? — Vincent Van Gogh

~~~~ Inspiration of the Day: “Last weekend, my friend Nimo came to the group with a problem. On the main pathway between a slum and the nonprofit Manav Sadhna (MS), a stream had built up due to the persistent rain we’ve been getting lately. The issue was that kids from the slum trying to get to MS had to cross the stream daily or more with no proper way to walk, and between the water’s filthiness and the pressure it was rushing with, it was becoming a dangerous situation. Rumor even had it that one kid had climbed a parallel drinking water pipeline to cross the stream and had fallen from a considerable height. So our Sunday project was to go down to the stream and fashion together a safe walkway across the water.” What follows is an honest reflection on exploring service in action.

~~~~ Be The Change: See something that needs to be done for the common good, but has no takers? Give it a shot and see what you learn.

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