5 Reasons Why Meditation Beats an iPhone

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. — Elbert Hubbard

~~~~ Tip of the Day: “People buy iPhones to be universally connected and have a ton of cool functions and features at their fingertips. But as the wise monk Rev. Heng Sure once said, everything we create in silicon already exists in carbon. I’d add that the silicon technology is a poor facsimile at best. So how exactly do you tap into the wonderful carbon technology you carry around with you all the time? Meditation is a phenomenal tool to do just that.” This post offers a witty comparison — in terms of connectivity, social networking, features & functionality, environment, and cost — humorously reasoning why meditation beats an iPhone. http://premiere.whatcounts.com/t?ctl=169D53C:C3009629A010612CAA7D627CA2FE991EB4B847859706E37D&

~~~~ Be The Change: Is meditation the push-up for the brain? A new study at UCLA suggests that meditators have stronger connections between brain regions and lesser age-related brain atrophy. http://premiere.whatcounts.com/t?ctl=169D53D:C3009629A010612CAA7D627CA2FE991EB4B847859706E37D&

**Share A Reflection** http://premiere.whatcounts.com/t?ctl=169D53E:C3009629A010612CAA7D627CA2FE991EB4B847859706E37D&

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