Is This a Business or an Art Project?

Being ‘spiritual’ simply means being willing to look into the nature of life, to ask questions and to wonder, and to listen. It also means seeing art everywhere. — Quang Ho

~~~~ Good News of the Day: “To call Robert Fogarty an accidental entrepreneur is a bit of an understatement. If you haven’t heard of Fogarty’s Dear World, a venture that grew out of a not-for-profit fundraiser called Dear New Orleans, it’s likely to hit your radar screen soon. He’s a photographer whose striking portraits feature people with heartfelt messages written on their hands, arms, and faces in black marker. The images live primarily online, where they’re attracting more and more viral attention. And Fogarty has gone from collecting crumpled dollars in a bucket for his photos to getting large organizations to write big checks. So his dilemma is this: how to define his venture (art project or company?) and how to scale it without sacrificing the values he holds dear.” This Inc. Magazine article shares his story.

~~~~ Be The Change: Soak in some of Fogarty’s latest Dear World picture messages.

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