If You Want to Be a Rebel, Be Kind

If you want to be a rebel, be kind. — Pancho Ramos Stierle

~~~~ Good News of the Day: The night before, Pancho Ramos Stierle heard about growing tensions in the community and thought, “If police are stepping up their violence, we need to go and step up our nonviolence.” So on that Monday morning at 3:30AM, Pancho and his housemate Adelaja went to the site of the Occupy Oakland raid. With an upright back and half-lotus posture, they started meditating. The photos of Pancho meditating while being arrested by the police have become iconic. Yet that was just one blip in the story of an everyday hero with a truly remarkable tale. http://premiere.whatcounts.com/t?ctl=169E070:C3009629A010612C90C669EC5000A6F6B4B847859706E37D&

~~~~ Be The Change: Take a stance on something that you deeply care about, with nothing but love for your “opponent.”

**Share A Reflection** http://premiere.whatcounts.com/t?ctl=169E071:C3009629A010612C90C669EC5000A6F6B4B847859706E37D&

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