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Flowers and Wheel Chairs December 2, 2011 – Posted by rasy
I am the Director of a little non profit Youth Centre and we do at least one act of kindness a month with the youth who attend. Just this month the youth handed out flowers to random community members. There was great energy among the kids that day, after we exchange stories on how we felt about the act of kindness we did. A 14 year old male stood up and said "Id like to say something." I was a bit surprised as he is a shy and quite boy but I said go ahead.

"Today I gave a lady who was in a wheel chair a flower. She was putting her two kids in the back seat of her car. When I went up to her and said, hello, she was suprised when I handed her a flower. I quickly said Happy Valentines day and started to walk away. She then then said, wait young man, thank you very much for the flower, I really apperciate it. I nodded and was on my way. I am wondering how she gets her two kids ready, puts them in the car, and gets them to daycare all by herself. To me that is outstanding, and I am glad I picked her. I really hate when the youth centre makes us do acts of kindness, but now I really understand how important it is to be kind to one another."

The next day the same youth came back to the Youth Centre. He said he seen the same lady he saw yesterday in her wheelchair and when putting her children in her car, her wheel got stuck in the snow. He said he grabbed her chair pulled her to the curb and said there you go. When the lady looked up at him she smiled, and said well thank you young man. He then said no problem! and walked away.

He was glowing that day, and for the first time I could see he felt great about himself. I then heard him later on tell another youth what he did the last few days with the lady. The other youth responded with a smile. 🙂

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