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Being Alive and Well Fed December 14, 2011 – Posted by ilonka
This morning I asked myself a question: ‘What does being alive mean to me?’. The question eventually led me to this moment now. Well, isn’t it only to be in the now to be alive, anyways? Well, at this particular moment-right now – being alive means sharing the abundance of kindness in a story.

Two years ago, I was hitchhiking and a friendly man in his mid-sixties pulled over. Curt was brimming over with stories spiced with his joy for living. My journey to the chiropractor didn’t take it’s usual 3 or so rides. Curt altered his route to drop me off directly in front of the office 45 minutes later.

During the ride, I learned that Curt was just dropping off a van-load of free food for people in my small town. He did this weekly just because "It is so fun to bring people food which otherwise would have gone to waste".

Curt and his delightful wife Ruth started a non-profit, Respecting Our Elders, where they divert food that Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s were getting rid of to people who could use it. Their small operation, every week, feeds over 2,000 folks in Marin County, California.

Now comes the part which brings tears to my eyes. For the last two years, every week, rain or shine, Curt would stop by and bring me a week’s worth of food.

In my case, this tremendous gift allowed me to continue with my gift to others. As the creator of a positive newspaper called Positive News US, I was able to keep the newspaper alive, delivering free news to people all over the country. I will always be grateful for Curt’s deicious gifts!

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