A 13-yr-old Secret Santa

Give like a small sun: touch the world with shafts of your light, bring smiles into bloom like flowers. — DailyGood Editors

Good News of the Day:
For the second straight Christmas, a philanthropist from Utah’s Capitol Hill has been warming the hearts of the homeless and brightening the smiles of hundreds of their children. The benefactor works year-round raising money, networking with businesses, buying and wrapping gifts, and encouraging random residents to pitch in with presents the underprivileged kids otherwise would never see. Jocelyn Hanrath, an adopted girl too humble to take any credit, is 13. So how did it all start? Jocelyn and her mom got a call from Bonnie Peters, executive director of Family Support Center, saying her Sub-for-Santa collection could use diapers for a single mom with a baby. “Jocelyn said, ‘Babies don’t get diapers for Christmas, they get toys,'” Jocelyn’s mother remembers. “She said, ‘You go buy diapers, I’m buying toys. Kids know what kids need.'”

Be The Change:
Click on ‘more’ and write a note supporting / encouraging Jocelyn in the “Add New Comment” section (we’ll make sure she sees it).

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