Top 10 Kindness Stories of 2011

The more we develop the habit of noticing goodness, the more our own sense of wellbeing rises. — Brahma Kumaris

Good News of the Day:
What we appreciate, appreciates. That’s the way activist Lynne Twist explains a universal phenomenon: that the more we concentrate on something, the more we understand and learn, the more it expands our own boundaries. It also applies to the stories we surround ourselves with. In theory, stories of kindness are happening all the time, but the more we orient ourselves to them, the more we find all around us. For inspiration, here are 10 real-life stories from this past year — remarkable stories by ordinary people, relating poignant acts of kindness in everyday life.

Be The Change:
Tune into acts of kindness around you — as well as opportunities to put your own in action.

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