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Hope And Joy In A Wal-Mart Car Park January 10, 2012 – Posted by widow55
Wal-Mart parking lots can be a very busy place with cars and vans backing out while other vehicles wait impatiently to get the next spot. It can get a little congested at times and I have certainly seen many hurried people lacking in patience. I have ocassionaly been that hurried person.

The other night when I left Wal-Mart I was in a lot of pain from some chronic health issues and I just wanted to wave a magic wand on be sitting on my couch with the groceries all put away. I would love to have a magic wand like that!

I started to get irritated when a woman and her child stopped dead in the middle of the parking lot to chat and hug with a friend while I was trying to back out! They seemed oblivious to my need to get moving.

Then I had one of those "light bulb" moments. When our eyes finally met, instead of giving them the why don’t you move look, I gave them a huge smile. It was then that they realized they could move to the side and chat (they appeared to have been truly lost in the moment up to that point). I was able to back out but still could not move forward because of other vehicles. I took the opportunity to enjoy their interactions until I could move. There were more hugs and then a goodbye.

As I drove away, tears fell softly on my cheeks.

I never got to hug my husband before he died. But, this was not a "pity me" cry. It was an awakening of my spirit to the joy and hope that still exists.

It is always there. We just have to be intentional in creating it or looking for it.

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