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The many tantras of both the Ancient and New traditions unanimously agree that these, and others, are the consequences of violating the pledges.

Means of Restoration
The proclaimers’ vows, like a clay pot, once broken cannot be repaired;
The awakening mind commitments, like gold or silver, can be restored;
The tantric pledges, like a dented vessel, are restored by the practitioner’s strength.

–Jamgon Kongtrul

When is it possible to restore a vow that has been transgressed? All the tantras and transmissions state that if a monk has incurred a defeat with concealment, the transgressed vow, like a broken clay pot, cannot be repaired. An awakening mind commitment that has been transgressed is like a cracked gold or silver vase which can still be soldered by a blacksmith. A violated vow or pledge in this Secret Mantra system is likened to a dented golden vessel, which can be straightened out by the practitioner’s own strength.

Pledges are restored through action, precious substances, earnest desire, contemplation, and reality.
The Great Cleansing can purify all transgressions.

–from Treasury of Knowledge- Book Five: Buddhist Ethics by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye, trans. by the Kalu Rinpoche Translation Group, under the direction of Ven. Bokar Rinpoche, published by Snow Lion Publications

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