A Cookie Giving Experiment in New York City

Our love is sooo big. It has room for everybody. — Cari Tuna

Good News of the Day:
“At around 12:30 AM Thursday morning, I began my expedition to give out cookies to strangers in NYC. I first offered a cookie to the front desk security guard; he looked in the bag and took the biggest cookie he could find and said thank you. I thought, “Well that’s the biggest cookie in the bag, that’s a bit selfish.” Nonetheless, I smiled and was happy to give him a cookie. Lesson 1: I noticed my mind is on autopilot! Even when I was trying to give out a bag of cookies, I was judging the receivers! Although, I was happy to give the cookie, I still had expectations: What cookie will they take? A big one? A small one? A couple? How will they respond? With gratitude? Indifference? Skepticism?” A real world story of experiments (and reflections) in anonymous kindness.

Be The Change:
We are frequently giving and receiving. Today, expand your circle to include someone new.

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