The Visionary Architecture of Paolo Soleri

Architecture is the reaching out for the truth. — Louis Kahn

Inspiration of the Day:
Architect Paolo Soleri is regarded as a visionary, much to his dismay. His thought and vision combines the ethical and the metaphysical in terms of how to structure and build our cities. He says, for example, “We have reached the point where we understand the appearance of self-awareness is one of the most incredible things that’s happened in the universe. So, slowly we are developing some kind of responsibility to do in the universe what it has allowed us to do.” To him, ultimately, this would be a form of service. In his words, “Service, number one, to ourselves. Number two to the biosphere. Number three to reality.” To survive, we must, as he says, “develop more knowledge, more tolerance, more wisdom, and become aware of what we call love or compassion.” It’s not the language of an ordinary architect.

Be The Change:
As humans, we are constantly architecting: designing, building, creating. Today, make an effort to make that more conscious.

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