Money Can Buy Anything — Except Meaning

If great truth does not enter into our relation to money, it cannot enter our lives. — Jacob Needleman

Inspiration of the Day:
“Money helps you do what you want to do. And what you want to do is something that will bring your life meaning. It helps to accomplish those things. On the other hand, the struggle wakes you up. That’s what it’s really all about: waking up. The money question: If it serves to wake me up to what I want, what I wish for, what I’m willing to sacrifice for, what I’m not going to compromise for, then I feel alive. I feel meaningful. That brings life. I don’t think it’s naive to say you can’t really fail, going in that direction. You might lose the deal here or there, but something in you has been nourished that’s truly human.” Noted philosopher Jacob Needleman explores how we come to a greater understanding of ourselves by understanding the true meaning of money.

Be The Change:
Prof. Barry Schwartz shares an intriguing reflection on how a societal over-reliance on incentives can undermine virtues.

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