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Dharma Quote of the Week

Usually the reason that we can’t experience transcendent bliss is because our consciousness is actually chained by the illusion called “I.” It is chained because this concept literally ties our consciousness to the prison of duality, the prison of concepts and ideas. What most people experience is that their consciousness is chained by that illusion.

But now and then there are people who find the so-called spiritual path. This is another quite strange and sneaky way that ego can actually keep binding our consciousness once again to another form of prison, the prison of duality, the prison of concepts and ideas. Transcendent bliss comes from breaking every chain.

Breaking all chains, losing every concept, every idea, sounds very frightening to the ego’s mind. But actually when we let go of every concept, we land on this infinite ground of eternal bliss, and that bliss is not some kind of religious or mystical experience, some altered state of consciousness. That bliss is not the result of doing something to our consciousness, rather it is the pure state of our consciousness.(p.74)

–from The Magic of Awareness, by Anam Thubten, edited by Sharon Roe, published by Snow Lion Publications

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