A Different Kind of Super Bowl Story

Love is not blind; it simply enables one to see things others fail to see. — William Blake

Good News of the Day:
They may be the most amazing story at the Super Bowl, this immigrant father who sought the American dream and the son he can’t see play in America’s biggest game. That’s a small joy most parents take for granted: seeing your child play a game. Watching him grow in sports over the years. Enjoying the best moments as much as he does. But Jean Pierre-Paul is led by the arm down a small hallway of his Fort Lauderdale home, then places his hand against the couch, to confirm he’s reached it. “It’s just my life, I’m blind,” he says in Creole through a translator. “Some days are good days, some days are bad days. Sunday with our son will be a good day.” The day of the Super Bowl was indeed a good day for him, as his son Jason Pierre-Paul helped lead his team to a win.

Be The Change:
As you interact with dear ones — friends, family, maybe even strangers — consider what your love allows you to see.

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