How to Support Teens in Listening

Never argue with one’s own understanding. The whisper of intelligence is always there, whatever you do. — Vimala Thakar

Inspiration of the Day:
“Teens are quick to connect with each other by telling stories and passing along gossip via texting and social media. But students have lost the art of listening face to face by hiding behind the veil of anonymity. They often talk at each other. So on the first day of class, even before I outline the expectations of the class, students fill out a survey about how they recognize their own listening skills, by describing body language, listening habits, and preferences. They are asked to reflect on different scenarios from talking with peers, adults in authority, their guardians, and even when approaching strangers (fellow students in classes). They also recount the best conversation they have had within that past week, by sharing the finer points of body language, and how they felt afterwards.” High school teacher Ricky Knue shares her experiences in supporting teens in listening.

Be The Change:
Support a teen in your life in listening; start off by modeling an “agendaless presence.” Daniel Goleman explains:

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