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Proof That What Goes Around Comes Around March 13, 2012 – Posted by Namaste
I was in a health food store when I heard a woman say her foot was hurting and she was going to call a cab.

I paid for my purchase and left to pick up some dry cleaning from the eco-friendly cleaners next door. I was walking back home when I saw the woman outside the health food store, presumably waiting for the cab.

I knew I wanted to make a trip to a craft store later that day and that I’d be driving. I asked her where she was going. She told me a place which was actually on the way to the craft store. So I said, "I’ve got a crazy idea. How about you cancel the cab and I’ll give you a ride? It will save you some money and besides, I only live a few minutes away." To my amazement she said okay without any hesitation or questions. (I don’t know if I would have been so trusting if a stranger made me the same offer!)

So I walked home, hung up my dry cleaning, got in my car and picked her up. Where she was going was so right on the way that I would have taken almost the same route to get where I was going. She thanked me, then I gave her a Smile card saying maybe she could do something kind for someone else. She said she would.

It was such a beautiful interaction.

But there’s more! So, I get to the craft store, pick up what I went for and then, as I’m waiting at the checkout, the woman behind me says that she has a coupon for 50% off any item in the store. She gave it to me because she had an extra one!

I was floored – and struck by the perfect timing of it all! I thanked her, let her go ahead of me in line, and gave her a Smile card. She said she would check out the website when she got home.

They say "what goes around comes around" and "as you sow, so shall you reap," but sometimes it is hard to see how that works as often there is a "manifestation delay." Each action creates a ripple that eventually comes back to us, but sometimes it is a lot later so we forget the connection.

It was just really fun for me to experience today how God (or "the universe" if one is uncomfortable with God) orchestrates the causes and effects in a discernable, linkable, manner where it was clear to me how in giving I’m also opening myself to receiving gifts, now or in the future. And I can learn so much from others as to how open they are to receiving in a way I might not have been if offered the same gift. So cool!

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