Meditation: A Compass and a Path

This mind-and-body is the vessel of my life. I want to know it with the same organic immersion that sets a snow goose flying ten thousand miles every winter and spring. — Paul R. Fleischman

Inspiration of the Day:
“When I started meditation in the 1970s, people like my parents would say that ‘Meditation is staring at your navel. It’s self absorbed.’ I’d been through medical school and I’d say that when you’re in medical school, you go in a room, you close the door and you don’t come out for four years. But no one says that’s selfish. Everyone knows that it is preparation to do something valuable for society. So I if I meditate — that’s like preparation for the rest of my day — it’s a self education and one that you want to renew everyday…I sit to anchor and organize my life around my heart and mind, and to radiate out to others what I find.” A fascinating DailyGood interview with psychiatrist and meditation teacher Paul R. Fleischman.

Be The Change:
Spend some time observing and learning from your own mind and body today.

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