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A Little ‘Game of Good’ March 24, 2012 – Posted by kcsmiles
For the last two and a half years I have been giving out Smile Cards whenever I find an opportunity.

I am sad to admit that my family and I are homeless, we live in a trailer which we were so kindly given by a family member. During this period, I have given out over 200 Smile Cards. I have always tried to find something kind to do, even when my husband lost his job and we were fighting to get by.

I have started giving out coupons for free food, plus money for people to get at least one meal, on me. I always put my coupon, gift and Smile Card in a envelope that says "For whoever finds this".

Once I left an envelope on someone’s work truck and got back into our trailer. I just happened to look out at the bus later and I saw the guy open my envelope and find the gift. He read the card and then he looked around to see who had done this. I just smiled to myself, without being found out. I always leave my gifts where people will find them, but never see me do it – I like it to be anonymous.

Today I saw a car on the side of the highway with the hazard lights on. Further up the road, I saw a young couple walking beside the highway. I pulled over and asked them if they needed a ride to the next exit, after a second the guy said they could really use the ride. They said "thank you" when I dropped them off at the exit. I try to help others when I can, and sometimes no smile card is needed or given.

It’s my little "game of good" and I really enjoy doing it and I hope to keep doing it!

Smiles and Blessings to all!

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