Two Tragic Moments & One Boy’s Compassion

Give yourself entirely to those around you. Be generous with your blessings. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. — Steve Maraboli

Good News of the Day:
Nearly a decade ago Eddie Canales was watching his son’s football game. Chris Canales, a high school senior, had three offers to play college football, and that night, he was having the game of his life. With four minutes left in the fourth quarter, he made a touchdown-saving tackle. But something went wrong. “I could hear my teammates saying, ‘Chris, come on, let’s go,’ ” Chris, now 26, remembered. “And I couldn’t move.” It was a spinal chord injury that left the teenager permanently paralyzed. A year after that fateful day Chris and his father would return to the football field for the first time after the accident. Which is when the unexpected would happen and tragedy would change their life irrevocably for the second time – and evoke an inspiring response.

Be The Change:
Be generous with your blessings. Make time to alleviate someone’s pain. Even if it’s just through a kind word or the comfort of shared presence.

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