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Dalai Lama Quote of the Week

Those training in great love should forsake self-centeredness and engage in the Buddha’s practice, the root of which is compassion. You may be thinking, Love is indeed very profound, but I do not have the skill to practice it; I will focus my efforts on practices aimed at getting myself out of cyclic existence instead. On one hand, this is true, because you should choose a path of development appropriate to your ability. On the other hand, there is great advantage in attempting the highest degree of love you can.

Even if you cannot actually implement the practices of love and compassion, merely hearing about them establishes powerful predispositions for future success. This can be amplified by planting prayer-wishes aspiring to altruism. Do not be discouraged; it is difficult to absorb such a profound perspective. Be courageous and think of your future potential. It is particularly important to do the best you can.(p.82)

–from How to Expand Love: Widening the Circle of Loving Relationships by H.H. the Dalai Lama, translated and edited by Jeffrey Hopkins

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