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Easter Kindness Amongst the HelpOthers Community April 9, 2012 – Posted by Smile Groups
Some beautiful stories of Easter acts of kindness, as reported by Smile Group members of …

trionafaye shared: "Made some Easter sugar cookies. Shared them with the staff at the nursing home for the great care they provide for my mother but to offer them a little treat, as they have worked the Easter holiday."

wooka85257 shared:"made my 93 year old mother an Easter basket and set it on her walker to find in the morning. She was like a little kid… exclaiming over all the chocolates and the goodies inside. Happy, happy!"

HappinessCountsT shared:"Helped my mom to set up my little sisters princess Easter basket. I also gave her old pink Easter basket cause she’s turning four years old on Tuesday"

HappyDae shared:"Put a little Easter Basket of candy on the kitchen table with an "I love you" card for my sweet husband to find. He was so surprised…Big Smile!!"

Jennypoo shared:"My son and I hid colorful plastic eggs filled with messages of kindness, stickers and a small chocolate around our local park."

HappyDae shared:"Preparing Easter dinner for friends/family and all acquaintances who do not have family know from the past that our Welcome Mat is out and THEY are our family and invited to join us."

Lindteggs shared:"My friend and I bought around 20 chocolate eggs from Waterstones and Thorntons and gave them out to strangers who looked like they needed cheering up. :)"

Synergy shared:"Today I started my Easter preparation by giving little chocolate Easter bunnies to people, especially older ones. Our physical age is not important when it comes to having fun with our inner child."

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