Journey to the End of the Earth

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change. — Barbara Mikulski.

Good News of the Day:
“I realized quickly, after just having traveled to various villages in rural India, that distance is relative. Hailing from a city like San Francisco, going even a few hours outside of town is far – but twelve hours outside of a major city? I half expected to run into another country. The remote place in mention is Achham, a tiny hillside region in far west Nepal. Sitting like a giant amongst its lush green terraced mountains is a hospital named Bayalpata revived by Nyaya Health, a committed non-profit with a vision to provide free quality medical services for the residents of one of the poorest districts in Nepal.” In this article an international development volunteer describes the simultaneously heart-breaking and inspiring realities that exist side by side in this hidden corner of our world.

Be The Change:
Make time to learn more about the everyday realities of ordinary people in a part of the planet other than where you live.

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