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Kind Strangers in Her Story April 24, 2012 – Posted by smile2day
I am in the habit of giving money to every beggar/homeless person I pass. My friends say it is not good to encourage begging and that all beggars have some measure of money to survive. It annoys them that I never listen :-).

One day, my friend and I were walking to the bus stop when I passed a beggar lady. I had seen her several times before and had always given her a few cents. That day, I gave her 2 Euros. I was waiting for the bus and reading a book when I looked up to see

that lady standing in front of me. She handed me a piece of paper covered in cling-film, to make it waterproof. It said she and her family had to leave their country because of floods, and she was struggling to support them. She had got a bit of money, but she needed 5 Euros to get home. I fished in my pockets and found 20 cents. My friend flourished a 5 Euro note. I asked her to give it to the lady, and said that I would pay her back the next day. When she did, the lady hugged us and blessed us, and went on her way.

Only later, in the bus, I wondered where her home was and how she had gotten to this country. But I didn’t wonder much. Her story was her story, but I felt that my friend and I would always remain part of it, as the strangers, who helped her get home an a rainy day.
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