The Gift of the Swamp Shake Spill

Serendipity is the faculty of finding things we did not know we were looking for. — Glauco Ortolano

Good News of the Day:
“The lid came off, and the rotary movement of my body as I was rising from the bent over position created a mini-tsunami of green-brown liquid from the tops of my shoes, on to my papers — covered desk, across the room to the credenza, the plants on top of it, the books in its lower shelves, up the wall and onto the ceiling — where the fluid finally dissipated before completing the full circle and landing on my head! … As I began to mop up the mess, I noticed that the area worst hit on my desk was a valued collection of some of my favorite notes and quotes that I had accumulated over the years. Of course, my attention was drawn to these wisdom sayings and I realized that I hadn’t looked at most of the sayings for some time.”

Be The Change:
Be open to the hidden gifts within even frustratingly ordinary moments.

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