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My Smile Deck Adventure May 24, 2012 – Posted by MakeSomeoneSmile
I have received a few Smile Decks and decided I would use one.

I read through the cards and love all the different ideas. I try to make sure I do at least one random act of kindness each week and thought the Smile Deck could help me with that!

There are many ways you can use the cards. Each suite has a different focus and they get progressively more challenging the higher you go. Since I have been committed to practicing kindness I figured I would just shuffle the deck and every few days pull one out and do whatever it says.

So that is what I did!

Yesterday I had the eight of hearts, which asks you to acknowledge an act of kindness by someone else and thank them. I have been the recipient of an act of kindness in the past week so this was a perfect card!

I put together a "smile package" and mailed it off to my kind friend. I am sure it will make them smile!

Today I pulled the two of hearts which says to hide spare change where a stranger will find it within the hour. I put some change and Smile cards in two little baggies. I left them this morning in two of the vending machines at work. I am sure they will surprise people and make them smile and that is what it is all about for me! Even when things are tough, anytime I can feel life and spread kindness, it matters!

I’ll keep you posted on how this goes. There are a few hard ones in there so those should be interesting – but rewarding!

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