InnerNet Weekly: For an Addict

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InnerNet Weekly: Inspirations from
For an Addict
by John O’Donohue

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On its way through the innocent night

the moth is ambushed by the light,

becomes glued to a window

where a candle burns

its whole self, its dreams of flight

and all desire

trapped in one glazed gaze.

Now nothing else can satisfy

but the deadly beauty of the flame.

When you lose the feel

for all other belonging

and what is truly near

becomes distant and ghostly,

you are visited and claimed

by a simplicity

sinister in its singularity.

No longer yourself,

your mind will be owned

and steered from elsewhere now.

You will sacrifice anything

to dance once more

to the haunted music

with your fatal beloved

who owns the eyes to your heart.

These words of blessings cannot reach,

even as echos, to the shore of where you are.

Yet, may they walk without you

to soften some slight line,

through to the white cave

where your soul is captive.

May some glimmer of outside light

reach your eyes

to help you recognize how you have fallen

for a vampire.

May you crash hard and soon

onto real ground again

where this fundamentalist shell

might start to crack

for you to hear again

your own echo.

That your lost lonesome heart

might learn to cry out

for the true intimacy of love

that waits to take you home

to where you are known and seen

and where your life is treasured

beyond every frontier

of despair you have crossed.

~~ John O’Donohue

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For an Addict
What did the “flame” in this piece bring up for you? What sort of addiction prevents us from hearing our own echo? The piece refers to our shell of fundamentalism in which we have trapped ourselves – can you share an experience where you had to struggle to break your shell? What does the “true intimacy of love that waits to take you home” mean to you?
Conrad P. Pritscher wrote: Thanks much for the opportunity to respond. When I first sat to meditate, before any meditation training, tears of joy came to my eyes. I’m not sure what that was about but it seemed t…
Ricky wrote: In response to the last seed question for reflection, what does the true intimacy of love that waits to take you home mean to you, Dr. Brene Brown speaks of this in her book "…
David Doane wrote: The image of the moth ambushed by the light, glued to the window and trapped, is a powerful one, and probably a good one for addiction. Addiction is loss of control, one’s mind and sel…
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